I. Nicolas COUC married ca. 1622 Elisabeth TEMPLAIR in Cognac region, Saintonge, France. (1)

II. Pierre COUC dit La FLEUR b. 1624, in Cognac region, Saintonge, France [Jetté]- A soldier and farmer who emigrated to New France around 1651 and became an Indian language interpreter. He is recorded in the Jesuit Relations on May 21 1652: "On the 21st, two men in a canoe, one a Frenchman named LaFleur de Cognac, a soldier, the other a young Algonquin, having gone to raise their fish-line on the other side of the river, opposite the fort of Three Rivers, were attacked by a volley of 7 - 8 gunshots. The savage died 2 days later; the Frenchman was wounded but not seriously..." This Frenchman was Pierre Couc and he did live to marry 16 April 1657 at Trois-Rivieres[Jetté], an Algonquin widow, Marie Miteouamigoukoué [b. ca. 1631-33 and baptized in Montreal in 1650] Further information available at Norm Leveillee's web site indicates that Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E had been previously married to Assababich in 1647 and had 2 children. The husband and children were taken by the Iroquois. (Refer to Story about Mite8am8g8k8e.) (1)

III. Marie-Angelique COUC married François DELPÉE dit St.-CERNY 30 Aug 1682 at Sorel [Jetté] (1).

IV. Maurice MONTOUR-DELPÉE married Thérèse-Veronique PETIT on 27 July 1729 in Trois-Rivieres [Jetté] (1).

V. Charles MONTOUR-DELPÉE married Marie Louise DÉRY 27 Sept 1756 in Pointe-du-Lac, St. Maurice [Jetté, Tanguay, Allan Lanctot] (1).

VI. Julie MONTOUR married Joseph LANCTOT on 3 March 1783 at St. Philippe [PRDH]. Joseph (1763 - 1843) was the son of Antoine LANCTOT & Louise-Angélique ROY (1).

VII. Marie LANCTOT married Jean-Baptiste LEFEBVRE on 1 July 1805 at St. Constant, LaPrairie ["Mariages du Comté de Laprairie (1751 - 1972)" by Irenée Jette et al, page 270]. Jean-Baptiste (ca.1782 - ca.1832) was the son of Marie-Joseph LEFEBVRE & Marie Charlotte ROY.

VIII. Florence LEFEBVRE married Raphael VIAU 25 Oct 1830 at St. Constant, Laprairie ["Mariages...Co. de Laprairie" page 295; also by Allan Lanctot]. Raphael (b. ca.1806 -d. 1860's) was the son of Jean-Baptiste VIAU & Marie-Anne DENAUT.

IX. Angenor VIAU [1847 St. Rémi, Napierville Co. Québec - 1903 Menominee MI] married Esther Minna BOYER on 14 Jan Malone NY [Notre Dame Church records, Malone, NY]. Esther, b 18 May 1851, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NY, was the dau of Israël BOYER & Adelaide PETEL.

X. Marinette VIAU b. 24 July 1884 Marinette WI married Fern [Julius Ferdinand] GLÄSSEL on 15 Oct 1902 at Menominee, MI at St. Ann's church [Menominee County MI marriage records]. Fern, b. 1 Feb 1883 Helenville, Jefferson Co., WI, had ancestors dating back to 1682 in Oberfranken, Bavaria.

XI. Lloyd GLASSEL [b. 25 Dec 1905, Menominee MI] married Blandina ALBERT on 19 Oct 1935 in Stratford, Marathon Co., WI. [Glassel family records].

XII. Thomas GLASSEL [b. Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., WI] married Barbara Lynn REINHARDT on 3 Aug 1963 in Fond du Lac WI.

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(1) References to PRDH can be found at D292 Marie Angélique Couc & François Montour-Delpée, as above link.