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Generation No. 1

Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR was born around 1624, in Cognac, Saintes, Saintonge,(Xaintes, Xaintonge) Charente, France. He was the son of Nicola COUC & Élisabeth TEMPLAIR was mentioned as a soldier and interepreter at Trois-Rivières on 24 Aug 1651. He was also a farmer. For a time, he was also employed as a "coureur de bois". He married MITE8AMEG8K8E on 16 April 1657 in Trois-Rivières. In PDRH, Certificate No. 38602 lists Pierre's birth around 1627 and his death April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac. There is a note on his Burial Certificate that a huge crowd of people attended his burial. (1)(2)(3)

Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E aka MITOUAMEGOUKOUE (French spelling)(pronounced: mee-tee-wa-mee-gou-kwee) was born around 1631-1632 in the "Nations des Ouionontateronon" (Huron word for Weskarini Band of the Algonkin Tribe), in the area between the Ottawa and the St-Maurice rivers in Québec. (42) She was baptized 6 Nov 1650 in Montréal. She died on 8 Jan 1699 and was buried in Trois-Rivières, Québec.(4) The Burial Certificate No. 89562 does not contain her name. It lists Marie as "sauvagesse" - "a native woman or person of the woods".

Generation No. 2

PLEASE NOTE: Your Generation No. 2 is Elisabeth/Isabelle Couc Montour
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PLEASE NOTE: Louis Couc dit Montour is NOT in your LINEAGE


childii. Louis COUC dit MONTOUR was baptized 27 Nov 1659 in Trois-Rivières. On his Baptismal Certificate, his surname is listed as LAFLEUR, with his father listed simply as LAFLEUR and his mother MITEOUAMEGOUKOUE (French spelling). Godparents are listed as NORMANVILLE and Madeleine SEGNEURET. The officiating priest was Father René MÉNARD.   In the Census 1681, he is listed as being the first born and 18 years old. He was first married to Madeleine SACOKIE in 1681. His second marriage was to Jeanne QUIQUETIG8K8É or OUIGATIGOCON 7 Jan 1687, St. François-du-Lac, Yamaska, Québec, Canada. On the Marriage Certificate No. 92887, the date is listed as 7 Jan 1688.(19) He was a legal "voyageur" moving back and forth between Pays-d'en-Haut and the mother colony. He died in 1709.

Generation No. 3



Marie-Madeleine COUC-MONTOUR was baptized in 1687. She was buried 28 Feb 1697 in Trois-Rivières.

NOTE PLEASE: Marie-Madeline, the daughter of Louis Couc dit Montour could not be Andrew Montour mother because she died at age 10.

The mother of Andrew Montour was Elisabeth/Isabelle Montour, daughter of Pierre Couc & Marie Mite8ameg8k8e, and sister to Louis Couc.

"MADAME" MARIE MADELINE COUC-MONTOUR married Carondawanna "Big Tree", famous war chief of the Oneida's. Was an interpreter for the Royal Governor of New York, Robert Hunter (whose name was taken by her husband as a mark of respect and friendship) and the sachems of the Five Nations in Aug 1711. Carondawanna was killed in the wars between the Iroquois and Catawbas in the Carolinas in about 1729. John & Thomas Penn expressed much concern for his death to some of the Indians in September of 1734, among whom was Madame Montour. She spoke English, French and 6 Indian languages. Montour Co. Penn. is named for Queen Catherine Montour, who is either a niece or a daughter of Madame Montour

!The influence of Madame Montour among the Indians was so great, and adverse to the French, that the Governor of Canada repeatedly endeavored to persuade her to withdraw from the English and remove to his Dominion, offering higher compensation as an inducement, but without success.


Generation No. 2

Élisabeth/Isabelle COUC dit LAFLEUR/MONTOUR, known as Madame Montour, was born around 1667, in Trois-Rivières. In the 1667 Census, she is listed as 3 months old; 14 years old in the 1681 Census. A Marriage Contract was drawn up by the Notary Antoine ADHEMAR, of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, on 26 April 1684 between Joachim GERMANO/GERMANEAU, of Rivière dite du Loup, originally from the Parish of St-Maxime, city of Confoulands, diocese of Limoges, France, and Isabelle COUC of St-François. Neither were able to sign the document. Listed on the document were his parents Jean GERMANO/GERMANEAU and Catherine CHOURY, of St-François, and her parents Pierre COUC DELAFLEUR and Marie METOMIGOROUE, an Amerindian, both of St-François. (16)   According to Marriage Certificate No. 83991 in PDRH, she married Joachim GERMANEAU aka GERMANO 30 April 1684, Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. Listed on the certificate are Joachim's father Joachim GERMANO and his mother Marie CHOUFY, and Elisabeth's parents Pierre COUC and Marie, an Amerindian. (17)   Madame Montour was commonly known as "La femme de Tichenet" and "LaTichenette". She was referred to later on as "La Chenette" in only one 1708 document, the one written by d'Aigremont.

Third Marriage to Oneida CARANDAWANA after 1706.

	Andrew MONTOUR born in a Seneca village in New York after 1707.
	Andrew married Sarah/Sally Ainse (1728-1823)in 1745. He died in 1774.
	George Washington wrote to Andrew Montour in 1755.

		 Captain John Montour, born around 1744, was an important Delaware 
		military leader on the Pennsylvania/Ohio frontier. 

		Nicolas MONTOUR made his fortune in the Far West fur trade 
		and bought the seigneury of Pointe-du-Lac, where his great-aunt 
		Marie Angélique Delpée died.
	French Margaret MONTOUR married Peter QUEBEC who was also known as KATARIONIECHA. 
		They had several children.
	Louis/Lewis MONTOUR lived in Pennsylvania in the 1750's.

Generation No. 4

Andrew MONTOUR was born 1710, and died 1774.

Andrew's wife may be granddaughter of Delaware Chief Sassdonan, aka Allummapes (Keeper of the Bark).

!Andrew Montour worked for Conrad Weiser, Indian Translator, in 1744 to 1756 according to "Pennsylvania Archives, Selected and Arranged from Original Documents in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, conformably to acts of the General Assembly, February 15, 1851 & March 1, 1852" by Samuel Hazard. Commencing 1748, Vol.II and "Report of the Commission to Locate the Site of the Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania", Vol.1. Andrew was also known as "French Andrew" and, although French-Indian, worked for the Americans scouting against the French and Indians. He served as interpreter at many major conferences between the Indians and English.

Andrew Montour was described by Zinzendorf in 1742 in Shamokin: "His cast of countenance is decidely European, and had not his face encircled with a broad band of paint, applied with bear's fat, I would certainly have taken him for one. He wore a brown broadcloth coat, a scarlet damasken lappel waist-coat, breeches, over which his shirt hung, a black Cordovan neckerchief decked with silver bugles, shoes and stockings and a hat. His ears were hung with pendants of brass and other wires plaited together like the handles of a basket. He was very cordial, but on addressing him in French, he, to my surprise, replied in English."

!On the 19th to the 21st of April (1756) a conference was held at Philadelphia at the house of Israel Pemberton, between the Quakers of Philadelphia and the heads of the Six Nations. (Conrad) Weiser and (Andrew) Montour were interpreters. On the 20th the indians had a long conference with the Governor. "They put Andrew Montour's children under his care; as well as the three that are here, to be independent of the mother, as a boy of twelve years old, that he had by a former wife, a Delaware, a grand-daughter of Allompis." John Montour's name (one of Andrew's children in the care of the Province) appears in the "Items of Accounts, votes of Assembly" 1758, p. 75; this boy was the same, afterwards living on, and claiming the Island, near Pittsburgh, now Neville, possibly the same who died in 1830.

Generation No. 5

JOHN MONTOUR was born 1746, and died 1830 in Neville Island.
John Montour or Mountour (an Indian), BLW #1572-300-24 Oct 1789 also BLW #301-300, srv as a Capt the 1st warrant was issued for srv as a Capt & the 2nd was issued 18 Dec 1806 to Montgomery Montour whose relationship was not given, sol has srv as a Capt of a Co of Delaware Indians during 1780-81 (Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol.I: A-E, abstracted by Virgil D. White, 1990).
Possibly was a Delaware Chief.

Generation No. 6

ELIZABETH MONTERE was born March 11, 1779, and died 1843 in Derry Twp., Pike Co., Illinois. She married ISAIAH COOPER August 11, 1799 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky, son of NATHANIEL COOPER and ELIZABETH OLDHAM. He was born December 09, 1778 in Virginia, and died September 1849 in Gold Fields, Coloma, Placer Co., California.

!According to "Owen County Ancestors" in the Spencer Evening World on 18 Feb 1993, by Vivian Zollinger, Isaiah joined Capt.James Biggers company of mounted rangers 29 May 1813 and served a year in the war of 1812, while they lived in Clark Co., Indiana Territory between 1801 and 1817. In 1817 they moved to the Dunn Settlement in Owen Co., where their 8th child was born. They had 2 foster daughters from the Cowan family. He was one of the first County commissioners and was appointed to the Grand Jury in 1819. He helped put up a $20,000 bond for the first County Treasurer and donated 2 1/2 acres of land along White River (now known as Cooper Park) for the County Seat, Spencer. He operated a ferry there from 1820 to 1826. In 1827, he moved to Pike Co., Illinois, on the banks of the Mississippi, where he was the 3rd settler in Derry Twp. In 1844, he moved to Wheatland in Oregon. He died in 1849 of camp fever in a gold mining camp in California, along with Henry Matheny and Sarah Matheny Layson. According to Don Rivara, they died in "Cooper Canyon" on North Fork of the American River in Placer/El Dorado County, near town of Pilot Hill. According to Charlotte Matheny in "Into The Eye of The Setting Sun", Isaiah, Henry and Isaiah's son, John, were buried across from the Marshall Monument at Coloma, CA.

Generation No. 7

RACHEL COOPER was born March 26, 1803 in Springville, Clark Co., Indiana, and died June 25, 1877 in Hopewell, Yamhill Co., Oregon. She married HENRY YOUNGER MATHENY July 04, 1822 in Owen Co., Indiana, son of ISAIAH MATHENY and RACHEL YOUNGER. He was born 1800 in Virginia, and died September 1849 in Gold Fields, Coloma, California. According to marriage records in Owen Co., Indiana, Henry Mathena and Rachel Cooper were married on 4 July 1822.

!1850 Census for Yamhill Co., Oregon, shows: Rachel Matheny as head of household, age 48, born Indiana; Ann E. Matheny, age 6, born in Oregon Territory; James R. Matheny, age 4, born Oregon Territory; Abby Matheny, age 1, born Oregon Territory. (These children should have been shown with last name of Layson - they were Rachel's grandchildren. Both Henry Matheny and Sarah Jane Matheny Layson had died in the gold mines the previous year and the children's father, Aaron Layson brought them back to Oregon to live with Rachel.)

Rachel was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Hopewell, Yamhill Co., Oregon, on part of her Donation Land Claim, which she donated for a cemetery and church.

Henry Matheny is listed among the first settlers of Washington Township, Owen Co., Indiana, along with Isaiah Cooper.

From "History of the Oregon Country";.. " (Daniel and Henry Matheny, brothers, came to Oregon from Missouri and settled near Wheatland.) "Among those who came to Oregon, in 1843, with the first considerable party that migrated to the Far West, was John Hobson. The party with which he came numbered, among its members, the Applegates, the Waldos, the Mathenys, the Delanys, the Hembrees, the Fords, J.W.Nesmith, M.M. McCarver, Almoran Hill, and many more. There were nearly 300 men, and nearly 1000 persons, all told. They reached Oregon fifty-three years ago. The history of this party was given in an address by James W. Nesmith before the Oregon Pioneer Association, in 1875." (Daniel, Adam, J.N., Josiah and Henry Matheny.)

Generation No. 8

LOUISIANA CATHERINE MATHENY was born March 08, 1829 in Spencer, Owen County, Indiana, and died January 06, 1908 in Hopewell, Yamhill Co., Oregon. She married (1) JR. JAMES CAVE December 06, 1844 in Yamhill Co., Oregon, son of JAMES CAVE and REBECCA CRUMP. He was born 1820, and died 1845. She married (2) JOSEPH KIRKWOOD April 16, 1847 in Yamhill Co., Oregon, son of JAMES KIRKWOOD and CHRISTIAN DAVIE. He was born August 16, 1820 in Dunbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, and died February 12, 1912 in Hopewell, Yamhill Co., Oregon. Louisiana was buried January 11, 1908, Hopewell Cemetery, Hopewell, Yamhill Co., Oregon

Joseph Kirkwood was born 1821/2? in Dunbarton, Scotland. Naturalized Citizen 27 Jun 1851. Joseph Kirkwood is shown in Scotland Baptism record (Source Batch C114985, Serial Sheet 2868 in Mormon Library) with christening date of 15 Mar 1829 in Dunbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, and (Batch 0114967, Source Call # 1041986 film) with christening date of 21 May 1821 in Dunbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland Father: Kirkwood, James; Mother: Christian Davie.

Joseph arrived in Oregon Sep 1846 with a wagon train. Father James, brothers John & Henry (James, too?) went to California instead.

Generation No. 9

HENRY MATHENY KIRKWOOD was born February 25, 1848 in Hopewell, Yamhill Co., Oregon, and died January 16, 1932 in 2 1/2 mi.W.Aurora, Hubbard, Marion Co., Oregon. He married MARGARET CATHERINE GROSHONG August 30, 1893 in Dallas, Oregon, daughter of JACOB GROSHONG and SUSANNA BARNES. She was born February 07, 1875 in Gervais, Marion Co., Oregon, and died July 27, 1960 in Silverton Nursing Home, Silverton, Marion Co., Oregon. Henry was buried January 18, 1932, Pioneer Cemetery, Gervais, Marion Co., Oregon and MARGARET's burial was July 30, 1960, Pioneer Cemetery, Brooks, Marion Co., Oregon

Generation No. 10

KARL KIRKWOOD was born August 07, 1903 in Gervais, Marion Co., Oregon, and died July 11, 1981 in Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Oregon4. He married (1) ROSELLA MILDRED JOHNSON 5 April 23, 1934 in Vancouver, Washington6, daughter of ELLIS JOHNSON and JESSIE NEWPORT. She was born September 09, 1916 in Alturas, Modoc Co., California7, and died December 26, 1998 in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon8. He married (2) GLENORA A. THOMPSON July 31, 1952 in Franklin County, Washington. She was born in Springfield, Illinois, and died July 24, 1973 in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon. Karl's burial was at Pioneer Cemetery, Brooks, Marion Co., Oregon8

Generation No. 11


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