Kateri Tekakwitha

Flower of the Algonquins
Lily of the Mohawks

Tekakwitha was born of a Mohawk chief and a Christian Algonkin. During the raids by the Mohawk around Trois-Rivières, Québec around 1650-1653, the Mohawks abducted Algonquins and French colonists. One of the Algonquin maidens was Wahwahsekona or Fleur-de-la-Prairie, who found favor with the Chief Tsaniton-gowa . He took Wahwahsekona as his wife. Born of this union were Tekakwitha and a baby boy.
The Algonquins in Trois-Rivières belong to the Weskarini clan of Sachem Pachirini at that time.

One of my ancestors, through the Léveillée lineage, was Marie Mite8ameg8k8e who was firt married to Assababich and had two children with him. These two children were abducted at the same time as Wahwahsekona or Fleur-de-la-Prairie (Prairie Flower) and their father Assababich was killed by the Mohawks in 1652. In 1657, Mite8ameg8k8e married Pierre Couc, a French colonist and farmer in Trois-Rivières. Marie was a member of Sachem Pachirini's clan.

However, the fact that Mite8ameg8k8e and Wahwahsekona were of the same clan seems to indicate some sort of kinship.
It is most probable that Wahwahsekona was related to my eight great-grandmother, Marie Mite8amig8k8e.
With this probability in mind, I feel a kinship to, and that I am related to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha.

The above is based on the following:

  1. Chief Tsaniton-gowa of the Turtle Clan of the Mohawk tribe, one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois was the father of Tekakwitha.
  2. Wahwahsekona was the christian Catholic Algonkin mother of Tekakwitha.
  3. As the Algonkin tribe was being pushed away from the Michimillimac region by the Iroquois and Hurons, it split into the christian and non-christian bands in the vicinity of Ottawa. The christian Weskarini clan under Sachem Pachirini was driven east by the Iroquois attacks in that region. Most members of the band were baptized in Montreal. The Weskarini tribe settled in Trois-Rivières.
  4. The Mohawk-Iroquois conducted many raids in the St-Lawrence valley, especially around Trois-Rivières from 1650-1688. There was a raid in the spring of 1652 and another in 1653 during which the Iroquois abducted French and Algonkin children and women while killing many Weskarini warriors and French soldiers.
Therefore, based on the facts above, I can fairly assume that Wahwahsekona and Mite8ameg8k8e's two children were part of the 1652 abduction, and that her husband Assababich was one of the warriors killed in the attack on Trois-Rivières.
Until I can find documented proof, it will remain an acceptable assumption.

A Litany to My Cousin
May 2002

Norm Léveillée

May Saint Kateri Tekakwitha watch over and protect you.

Que Dieu nous bénisse!
May God bless us!

Mozmozik Odiozon Kinikinik Volcanda Kottliwi Kwahliwi Tapsiwi.
May the Great Spirit and The Great Creator Bless Us and Smile upon Us.

(1) Other names given to Tekakwitha's mother are Kahontake or Kahenta.
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