Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

Dear Cousin Kateri Tekakwitha,

Flower of the Algonquins and Lily of the Mohawks,

The Great Spirit, our Creator, chose you among all the Native Americans to be His messenger of love and service to His people.

You were subjected to all sorts of ridicule - being called "the Christian", "the Algonquin" - by your people, the Mohawks. Yet you perservered in your undying love of Jesus and Mary above all else.   Lead us to this perfection of love and sacrifice as you did in an environment much like today's world of self-centeredness, greed and the idolatry of the material.

You lived Jesus' message of "Love God with your whole heart and your whole soul, and love your neighbor as yourself". Please be our guide towards a saintly life of love and dedication to others.

When we are about to give up our spirit, please help us to cross over into that happy hunting ground to share our Creator's reward that you now cherish with Jesus, Mary and our Great Spirit.

Cousin Tekakwitha, please watch over, protect and guide us as we attempt to walk in your mocassins.

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
Flower of the Algonquins
Lily of the Mohawks
Please pray for us

Prayer written by Norm Léveillée
Painting photographed by Norm Léveillée
Copyright © July 2000 & October 2002