Kateri Tekakwitha

Lily of the Mohawks

A Tribute to Tekakwitha
by Sundance
23 July 2002

She:kon(greetings in Mohawk) Once more, it has pleased me to hear from you and I am so happy that your great work has been recognized. Congratulations on a well deserved award. Do I need to say I told you so? Now, you need an award for your genealogical contributions...truly a work of scientific art.

The Internet is an amazing tool which will under the right fingers guided by the Great Spirit may be the key to get Kateri's cause known to many people who still do not know of our Protectress of the Americas. And she is indeed that. For so long she was ignored in that part of the country which was her birthland. However here in the southwest, I was amazed to see the devotoion to Kateri. There are many shrines here to her name and cause. She is very famous here among the Indian people. There are statues of Kateri in almost every Indian home and at every Indian chuch. On my husband's reservation in Parker, there is a chapel and church completely devoted to Kateri. I have painted some beautiful paintings of Kateri and one day, I would like to donate them. But first, I want to make sure they are well framed and museum ready as they say and that is very costly. It would cost me a good five thousand dollars to do it properly, so I am doing a little bit at a time. In the Cocopah Tribal Chambers, they have a picture of Kateri and Pauline Johnson. In Tuscon, there is a grotto, which is a copy of the Lourdes apparition and a beautiful statue of Kateri next to the Holy Mother.

I used to correspond with Father Béchard, the vice-postulator who was there before Father Bruyère, but I did not keep up my correspondance with Father Bruyère, probably because I became so ill in 1995 and had no strength. I would NOT be here were it not for Kateri and that is the truth. I had a 70/30% chance of survival. Kateri has always sustained me througout my life and any work I have done has been dedicated to her cause.

I do not think that it was not a coincidence that I found your site by accident. I think it was meant to be. And even more so, I know we are relatives and one day, I will prove it. I don't know what difference it will make for us to be relatives at this time as Kateri has our hearts. May Kateri's gentleness and sweet smile always shine on you and your family.

Sincerely, avec amitiés,
Sundance Aquero Sharp
Yuma, Arizona.

May Kateri watch over you, Sundance!

Que Dieu nous bénisse!
May God bless us!

Mozmozik Odiozon Kinikinik Volcanda Kottliwi Kwahliwi Tapsiwi.
May the Great Spirit and The Great Creator Bless Us and Smile upon Us.